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Are you looking to get ripped, become an exercise beast, and feel better than ever? Trust us, you’re in the right place. All of the trainers here at Raw Results Fitness are dedicated to the art of exercise and have amplified their teaching methods to make sure that everybody who they take under their wing comes out strong. Our gym is in Bakersfield, California, but that doesn’t mean you need to be physically in California to start up with our incredible program.

Technology has opened a world of opportunities, especially in the fitness world. From just about anywhere, you can open up your phone, google a workout, and get to work. Our gym took notice of what technology offers. You see, we truly believe that we have something special to offer and it doesn’t seem fair that the only people who have access to our excellent custom workout plans are those who are within driving distance of our gym. So we harnessed the power of modern day technology to produce our fitness program online.

Welcome to Raw Results Fitness. Here are some things to learn about us:

Who we are

Raw Results Fitness is a place to go for people who want to get fit and have fun on the journey. We have our roots in Bakersfield and have since expanded to become who we are today: both a gym and an online fitness training program. Our gym and trainers know that fitness isn’t easy, and that most people need someone to work alongside them to help them crush goals. Raw Results exists to help people of all fitness and skill levels become the person who they want to be. We provide the fitness plan, the trainers, and the motivation. You just have to provide your will to succeed!

What we do

We’re on a mission to provide one of the best online fitness plans in the country. Our program is hands on, meaning you’re reporting back to an actual person, not just an algorithm. It’s easy to lie to a fitness app that tracks your progress via the data you put into it than it is to a person who can see you and sense when you’re cheating. We want to be there every step of the way. From the moment you decide to make a change, to the times when you just want to give up, and to the second you achieve a personal goal, Raw Results Fitness will be there.

How we do it

If you enroll in our online fitness classes, we’ll review your skill level, goals, and motivations and assign you to one of our talented personal trainers. The trainer you’re working with will develop a custom workout plan that’s going to suit your abilities. You just need to follow it. After they formulate a great plan, they’ll work with you every step of the way and tag up three times a week to discuss progress and whether or not you’re sticking to the plan. If you are, we’ll cheer you on to do more! If you’re not, we’ll find a way to keep you on track. Failure isn’t an option with us, and we promise that if you work with us, you’ll be incredibly pleased with yourself.



Why we do it

We could have just taken the easy route and kept to our Bakersfield gym. Instead we’ve made the decision to expand to the internet and offer our service to anybody who has a fitness goal in mind. Why? We really do care about fitness. Seeing the joy people experience when they notice results motivates us to work harder and to reach more people. Our employees are really special, and the effort that they put forth for each and every one of the people they work with is inspiring. Raw Results wants everyone to have access to the magic within our gym.

Welcome, again, to Raw Results Fitness. We’re excited to help you get started on cultivating a new lifestyle plan and crushing goals. We promise that if you get started with our fitness program online that you’ll see the Raw Results. Get started with us today! We can’t wait to meet you!