Some might imagine a personal trainer who reminds them of their high school gym teacher: stern and militant, barking orders at students who are about to collapse from their 30th pushup. Though there are some trainers out there who do use “tough love” for clients who benefit from this approach, more popular approaches used by most trainers in the field are ones that come from a place of holistic healing, patience, and affirmation. Keep reading to learn about some ways that a personal trainer can help you get the results of your dreams!

1. Your Voice Matters!

One of the most rewarding benefits of having a personal trainer is that they will help you map out your fitness goals in a way that is clear, attainable, and fun! They will also take into account your current level of fitness by measuring your weight, height, and vitals such as blood pressure. While you may have some idea of the fitness goals you want to set, a professional will be able to help you break them down into smaller goals that are specific and realistic. They will also help assess your progress in a way that helps you see your results as clearly as possible.

2. You’ll Get A Personalized “Prescription”, Every Time

Based on the discussions you have with your personal trainer in the first point, they will be able to sculpt a special fitness regimen just for your specific goals. Since they will have a clear idea of your health background, they will be able to adjust their original recommendations so they will tailor your needs and wants so you can achieve your goals faster and more efficiently than ever before! Needless to say, this is a much better option than a general fitness program that does not take your preferences into account.

3. You Will Benefit From Instruction Based Fitness Routines

Due to years (if not decades) of experience with fitness routines, your personal trainer will be able to show you how to perform each exercise movement in a way that maximizes your result potential. They will often demonstrate the movement for you (this is especially useful for those who learn visually) and then observe the way you perform the movement so that they can point out and correct any potential issues with your posture that reduces the efficacy of the technique. In other words, in-depth instruction based learning often helps us eliminate any ambiguity when it comes to understanding whether our workouts are performed properly, which in turn dramatically reduces the risk of injury. Once your technique and movements are approved by your trainer, you will be able to do the exercises on your own at home or at the gym at your own pace!

4. You Will Be More Motivated To Reach Your Fitness Goals

The reason most people hire a personal trainer is because they cannot find the motivation in themselves to keep a self-directed routine. By meeting with your trainer on a regular basis, their encouraging attitude will inspire feelings of motivation. Even the anticipation of meeting with a person who understands your fitness needs best is a great motivator that will launch you towards your fitness goals. During the workout itself, encouragement from your trainer will help keep you going even when you want to give up. They will remind you of your potential so you can ultimately be satisfied with the effort you put forth in the regimen.

5. You’ll Have A Built In Fitness Accountability Partner

Speaking of which, another common issue with self-directed fitness routines is that it’s easy for your commitment to your program to fall by the wayside since there is no one keeping track of your progress. It is easier to lose track of your technique, order of exercises, number of repetitions, or even an entire session. However, when you work with a trainer, they will always keep you accountable by contacting you to make sure you know of an upcoming workout, or even giving you a powerful pep talk for the days when you just can’t find the motivation to keep going.

6. Variety Helps Accelerate Your Results

Most professional trainers will say that switching the order of a routine or using different exercises after mastering the initial routine will help you reach your goals faster than ever before. Another point to consider is that since we grow and change through time, you might find that a specific exercise might not work for you anymore. If this is the case, the trainer can change it to one that suits you better and provides the same (if not better) physical benefits. Trainers also help you to make adjustments as your fitness level improves to ensure continued progress.

7. You Will Build Valuable Time Management Skills

One of the most difficult aspects of keeping a consistent workout routine is making sure your time is managed wisely and efficiently. If you have a particularly busy week, your trainer will ensure that you are still prioritizing your regimen among the rest of your duties and provide a concentrated routine for the days that you cannot put in as much time which will burn the same amount of calories and provide similar benefits to the original routine in half the time or less.

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