Raw Result Fitness proudly offers truly effective online fitness plans. But Fitness programs online need a certain amount of mental tenaciousness to achieve the results you’re hoping for. As with any online class, it’s mostly self-motivated, and while even a personal trainer online can be a major motivator it’s still going to fall on your shoulders as to how hard you’re going to work at the program. With that in mind, we decided we’d attempt to cover the strategies that successful clients and our team members use to continually get the results they want out of their workouts.

If you don’t approach your virtual personal training in the right mindset, it’s not going to be effective. These “mental obstacles” always seem like something you should be able to accomplish, but for whatever reason, you can’t. The reason is you feel overwhelmed. This can be a symptom of undue pressure, burnout, stress, anxiety or an issue with trying something new. This is not always associated with your actual motivation, it’s probably just a symptom of some other factor. So, how do you tackle overcoming this issue?

Fight The Plateau With Organization

Organization isn’t only around to help you keep track of things, it’s there to make things seem more manageable. You can start by breaking down a more intimidating task by breaking it into smaller goals. This limits how overwhelmed you’ll feel when approaching the project and limit that mental obstacle that’s roadblocking your workout.

Break a goal into achievable pieces. For example, if your goal is to become more toned, pick a specific portion of your body, perhaps one side that’s already more toned than the rest, and start there. Completing each little task will slowly increase your confidence and fight the feeling of trying to do too much at once. To create comprehensive and achievable goals, start by laying out the specific implications of the goal. Make sure that it’s measurable in how you’ll achieve it. Ensure that it’s totally adjustable and achievable and mark an endpoint that you want it completed by. Using this in reference to the tonight example would look like stating the goal: I want my legs toned by Spring. You’ll make it measurable by doing a few leg workouts consistently on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. To make it adjustable, you’ll allow a certain amount of days that you can miss, for example, you’re permitted 3 days to skip and when you do skip you have to work that much harder the next time.

Pinpoint Your Motivation

If you’re feeling a major roadblock while trying to get into your online fitness plan, take this opportunity to recenter yourself. Ask yourself: What am I wanting out of this program? Understand what made you sign up originally, then use visualization to make the goal feel more real and closer in reach than it was before. One you picture the body you want and realize that you’re on the path to get there, the goal seems more enjoyable to obtain and the plan seems like more fun because it’s going to be directly fruitful. If you take time to refocus your goals and look at the comparison to what you felt like before you started, you can reposition your mindset so that you can continue to accomplish what you set out to do. Don’t worry about having second thoughts. People have second thoughts as they set out to do things that are hard because the road always seems longer when you first start down it than it does when you’ve finished. Our online fitness training is created with the express purpose of being completable. It’s going to be hard, but it’s going to get done.

The Power of Visualization

The best way to put a goal into perspective is to look at what you’ve already accomplished. No one ever took a throne by winning one battle, it was by winning multiple battles and not necessarily being victorious every time. For each territory that Alexander the Great gained, he’d look further East, further South and set out again because at his back was an empire he’d already managed to build. Building confidence based off of what you’ve already done is exactly how you’ll continue to be able to do more. For example, if you’ve been running a mile every day, eventually you’ll look to bumping it up to a mile and a half, and then 2 miles. It’s in human nature to want to be challenged. The self-improvement you signed up for was driven by the desire to be challenged, to get better because you already know that you can continue to get better.

Don’t Fear Failure

Our online fitness training is difficult. Do not be afraid to get your feathers ruffled by the program. Sometimes you’re not going to do your absolute best with the work-out. Sometimes that incremental goal you wanted to his is going to miss the deadline. If it weren’t difficult it wouldn’t be worth doing. Because the success would hardly be a reward.

Be Present

Mindfulness is a great way to help monitor how fulfilled you’ll feel after a goal and as you pursue the goal. If you’re like us here at Raw Result Fitness every accomplishment is met with celebration and then an immediate analysis of what’s next. Being in the present and is a great relaxation technique that will help conquer mental blockages that stem from anxiety. This also helps with the fear of failure, because then it becomes less about the goal, and more about enjoying the action and then the immediate benefits, like an endorphin rush. This avoidance of negative thinking helps break down those mental obstacles as well, which is a result of being “in the now.”   

Contact Your Personal Trainer Online

Your custom workout plan is yours. If you’re having trouble with motivations, we’re obviously here to help. We have several ways to help you analyze your mental obstacles and how to overcome them. But as with everything to do with self-betterment, you’ll have to do the major lifting. We’re your trainers, we can help you form strategies to access laser focus, demolish your insecurities and cope with those inevitable hiccups. We want you to succeed and see the amazing results we know we can help you get. So, reach out to us if you’re having issues. Just because we’re connected by a screen doesn’t mean we aren’t right there with you to help.

Contact us to sign up for our online fitness training that will help you trim fat and build muscle like nothing else. Find the cut body you want with Raw Result Fitness like the happy customers in our testimonials.