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Your Trainer: Alex Melisko

Alex's Is All About: Lifestyle Optimization, Destroying Mental Barriers, Intensity In Action, Achieving Extreme Goals

If you’re looking to get fit from all angles, then Alex might be your guy. The team at Raw Results Fitness is here for you and we’re ready to help you crush your fitness goals. Whether you want to get lean or bulk up, our virtual personal trainers can help. Working as both your mentor and coach, Alex will help you pinpoint strengths and weaknesses, tailoring a custom workout plan that’s ideal for your aspirations. Join Raw Results Fitness and build the body that you’ll love. Start by following the steps below. For more information, contact us and we’ll help you decide if Alex is the right online fitness coach for you!

Let's Commit To Something Awesome!
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Step 1:

Choose From One Of Our Convenient 3,6, Or 12 Month Online Fitness Packages Below.

3 Month Transformation: Ideal For Those Who Need Help Getting Started Or Have Smaller Goals In Mind.

6 Month Transformation: The Perfect Amount Of Time To Make A Big Transformation!

12 Month Transformation: You'll Be Other People's Goal Body! 

*You will be charged for your first month today. Your next payment will bill on the same day the next month. If you need to change the date of your payment complete your initial purchase- Then use the 'contact' button to send a message with the date of your choice and we will quickly assist you.

Step 2:


Your Plan Will Always Start On The Following Monday. After Completing Your Order Below You Will Recieve Two Emails:

(1) An Email To Download The RAW Result Training App. Your Trainer Will Monitor Your Workouts, Nutrition Guides, Progress And Daily Goals Scheduled Out For You!

(2) An Email To Schedule Your First Trainer Talk! (30-60 Min With ALEX)

Step 3: 

Relax! You'll Just Be Talking About Your ULTIMATE GOAL BODY Soon! No Need To Make Any Changes Yet! Start Picturing How You Would Really Like To Look And Feel! Don't Hold Back On Your Goals- If You're Willing To Do The Work Then The Sky Is The Limit For What We Can Accomplish!

Your Trainer Is Ready To Push You To Success!

All You Need Is A Gym Membership (Any Gym)

Finish the Steps Below And Your Trainer Will Be In Contact Soon!


Personal Training Terms and Conditions

1. Raw Result Fitness likes to make clear expectations. As such, Online Personal training plans require a large amount of self accountability. Failure to comply with the provided fitness plan will result in not only a lack of progress, but also will also result in a loss of 100% of the agreed upon financial investment unless action to cancel this agreement is taken by the client via direct email contact to

2. Cancellation of Online Training Plans require a cancellation fee equal to 10% of the total remaining balance due.

3. By checking the box below the client also accepts and acknowledges that training plans are designed around the ability to a fitness facility with a complete and full variety of exercise equipment and that failure to meet this requirement may result in an ineffective or unachievable fitness program.

4. By checking the box below the client also accepts and acknowledges that their training plan may not be unique to them and that other Raw Result Fitness Clients similar in characteristic and goal may be partaking in a fitness program up 100% similar to their own if effective and practical towards the clients stated goals.

5. No Training Plan refunds will be issued for any reason, including but not limited to relocation, illness, injury, or inability of any kind.

6. By checking the box below the client also accepts and acknowledges that their assigned trainer will live up to all expectations of accountability, professionalism and timeliness associated to the clients program with a fair understanding of human error and/or mistake.

7. By checking the box below the client also accepts and acknowledges that their assigned trainer may require up to 72 hours to adjust or modify training plans to the clients specific on-the-fly requests and will otherwise be updated on a recurring weekly basis by midnight Sunday in preparation for the following week.

Thank you for choosing The Raw Result Fitness team! We are dedicated to your progress and excited to see your results!